The Kingston Program

The Kingston Initiative within Queen’s Health Outreach has twelve peer educators that teach in nine classrooms every week within the Limestone District School Board as well as the Kingston Youth Shelter. We are located at Molly Brandt Public School in three classrooms; two grade 7-8 split classes and one grade 7 class. We also teach in the morning and afternoon classes at the Limestone Community Education Centre, as well as two classes at Loyalist Collegiate and Vocational Institute with the School to Community Program for students in grades 9-12. Peer educators teach in the Futures classroom which is an all girls class in the Limestone Community Education Centre. Finally, a new location this year is the Kingston Youth Shelter where two peer educators host an after-school discussion with the students once a week about different areas of health. We discuss a variety of topics such as nutrition, body image, healthy relationships, sexual education, substance abuse and alcohol, as well as mental health. However, each classroom is different and the peer educators gear their lessons towards the classroom’s needs and topics that benefit the students.