Molly Brandt 7

Yo yo yo,

We are Simon and Julia, and we are peer educators teaching in a 7th grade class in Molly Brant Elementary School.  So far our experience has been awesome, with lots of enthusiasm and energy from the students. In the upcoming semester we plan on talking with students about a variety of topics including mental health, positive relationships, personal health, and leadership.  This class enjoys hands on activities and videos, which we will continue to incorporate into our lessons. We well tap into their enthusiasm and competitive nature by testing their knowledge with games such as jeopardy. Our class has many creative minds, which we would like to foster through artistic activities such as drawing, singing, or acting out scenarios.

We’ve been blessed with an awesome initiative in Kingston. QHO has given us the opportunity to become more involved in the community that has been a home to us for a number of years.

Stay blessed,

Simon and Julia

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