LINKS – Limestone Education Center

Hi everyone!

Our names are Sarah and Meghan and we are the Kingston PE’s for one of the LINKS at the Limestone Education Center. Our class consists of students aged 13-18.

We teach in a unconventional style classroom once a week. Last semester we covered the topics of Healthy Relationships, Social Media, Bullying, and Empowerment. As a small, intimate class we found discussion based activities were the most effective way to guide our lesson. Over the semester the students have grown more comfortable with us as peer educators and have begun asking insightful questions and inquiring about new subject material.

In the upcoming semester we plan to explore topics such as Nutrition, Fitness, Sexual Health, Contraceptive Use, STI’s, and Substance Abuse. We look forward to our upcoming outreach day where we plan to take a cooking and food budgeting class.

We would like to thank the other teachers in the classroom, especially Tammy, whose support has eased our transition into the classroom.

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