Hi everyone!

Our names are Sarah and Geena and we are the Kingston PE’s for the Futures program at the Limestone Education Center. Our class consists of all female students aged 13-16.

We teach once a week and since this a small class, we have made our lessons more discussion based. This past semester, the topics we covered were Female Empowerment, Goal Setting, Social Media and Bullying. With the help of the classroom teacher, Sarah Runcimans, we were able to foster an inclusive environment where the students had the opportunity to share their personal opinions and experiences and ask questions they normally would feel uncomfortable asking.

For the upcoming semester, we plan to teach lessons that are more applicable in their everyday lives such as nutrition, fitness, and budgeting. At the end of the semester, we will be covering sexual health and have discussion about maintain healthy relationship. So far, we have slowly but surely built relationships with the girls and have noticed they are more comfortable and warming us to us as their peer educators.

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