LINKS – Limestone Education Center

Hi everyone!

Our names are Sarah and Meghan and we are the Kingston PE’s for one of the LINKS at the Limestone Education Center. Our class consists of students aged 13-18.

We teach in a unconventional style classroom once a week. Last semester we covered the topics of Healthy Relationships, Social Media, Bullying, and Empowerment. As a small, intimate class we found discussion based activities were the most effective way to guide our lesson. Over the semester the students have grown more comfortable with us as peer educators and have begun asking insightful questions and inquiring about new subject material.

In the upcoming semester we plan to explore topics such as Nutrition, Fitness, Sexual Health, Contraceptive Use, STI’s, and Substance Abuse. We look forward to our upcoming outreach day where we plan to take a cooking and food budgeting class.

We would like to thank the other teachers in the classroom, especially Tammy, whose support has eased our transition into the classroom.


Hi everyone!

Our names are Sarah and Geena and we are the Kingston PE’s for the Futures program at the Limestone Education Center. Our class consists of all female students aged 13-16.

We teach once a week and since this a small class, we have made our lessons more discussion based. This past semester, the topics we covered were Female Empowerment, Goal Setting, Social Media and Bullying. With the help of the classroom teacher, Sarah Runcimans, we were able to foster an inclusive environment where the students had the opportunity to share their personal opinions and experiences and ask questions they normally would feel uncomfortable asking.

For the upcoming semester, we plan to teach lessons that are more applicable in their everyday lives such as nutrition, fitness, and budgeting. At the end of the semester, we will be covering sexual health and have discussion about maintain healthy relationship. So far, we have slowly but surely built relationships with the girls and have noticed they are more comfortable and warming us to us as their peer educators.

Molly Brandt 7/8

Hey everyone!

We are Eileen and Ryan and we are the QHO Peer eEducators at Molly Brandt public school! Our class is a 7/8 split and has a lot of energy.

A typical lesson for us includes a PowerPoint we’ve put together along with videos highlighting the key points of our topic. We also include activities which is important for this group as they need some variety in their lessons. So far we’ve taught about nutrition, healthy relationships, and smoking. The group often asks questions through the question box as they can be timid when asking questions in front of the class. They can be a little wild at times but the classes are always fun!

We’re really looking forward to continuing teaching our class at Molly Brandt and are always excited to get into the classroom each week.

Eileen and Ryan

Kingston Youth Shelter


Our names are Cadence and Ryan! We teach at the Kingston Youth Shelter. We have a range of young adults aged 16-22, and they are an amazing group!

We started teaching in the fall of 2016. As this is QHO’s first time teaching this group, it has been a learning experience, but an extremely rewarding one!

In a typical lesson, we generally begin with an icebreaker to get everyone warmed up and feeling comfortable. We have found this to be a great way to get them involved and interested in the topic! With this group, we keep our lessons very discussion based. We have found that with such an intimate group, this is the most effective way to teach.

So far we have had the pleasure of teaching the group about nutrition, body image, self-esteem, healthy relationships, and most recently, we covered sexual education. This topic included discussions centered on STIs, consent, contraceptives with a focus on proper condom use. In the coming weeks, we hope to discuss mental health, substance abuse and peer pressure.

This is such a great group to teach, and we are always excited to go every week! They are always eager to discuss the topic of the week and ask insightful questions. We are thrilled that we still have the next few months to continue getting to know them, and we hope that we can continue to pass on some relevant health information!

School to Community

Hi everyone!

We are Meghan and Cadence, and we teach in the School to Community classroom at LCVI! This is a great group that is comprised of high-schooled aged students with a diverse range of learning abilities.

We really love teaching this group! It offers a lot of opportunity to interact with a wide range of teaching staff including teaching aids, interpreters, OTs, and other Queen’s students. Every week we are greeted with smiling faces of students who are eager to learn!

We tend to use a lot of visual aids for these lessons as we have learned that the students respond best to this type of a presentation. We try to blend lots of different media platforms such as PowerPoints, videos and pictures. We also break up our lessons with a lot of activities both verbal, written and interactive! We have found it best to plan a 3-4 activities to spread throughout the lesson to maintain the student’s attention and ensure they are retaining the information.

So far we have covered a lot of general topics including nutrition, bullying, social media, physical activity, healthy relationships, and personal hygiene. We are excited to continue on teaching about substance use and abuse, sexual education including puberty, reproduction, contraceptive use and STIs.

It is so exciting to see how what we are teaching is being retained based on the worksheets they hand in and their insightful question box questions! They are getting more active in our discussions every week and their curiosity continues to grow!

We are so happy to be a part of QHO and be able to give back to our community in this way. We hope we can continue to make an impact in student’s lives over the coming weeks!

A big big thank you to the classroom teacher, Sharon and all of her support staff! They have made our transition into the classroom a huge success and their feedback is always appreciated!

LINKS – Limestone Education Centre


We are Eileen and Julia and we are peer educators for the Links classroom at Limestone Education Centre. So far, we have had an incredible experience with this group. We have gotten to know the students very well through our discussion-based lessons. The students are very receptive to the topics we have covered so far and actively participate in the activities. Last semester we covered topics such as nutritional health, budgeting, physical health, substance abuse, and goal setting. We hope to continue this semester with subjects including healthy relationships, sexual health, and body image.

We are extremely fortunate to have been given the opportunity to be apart of Queen’s Health Outreach and immerse ourselves in the Kingston community outside of the campus bubble.

We look forward to continuing our experience with the Links classroom.


Eileen and Julia