Molly Brandt 7/8

Hey everybody,

We are Emma and Sydney, and we have been spending our Wednesday afternoons at Molly Brant with Ms. Parsons’ grade 7/8 class. Our time in this class has been very rewarding. The students have a ton of energy and are always full of awesome questions. So far we have covered topics such as substance use and abuse, self-care, personal hygiene, and social media. Our lessons are always full of activities, including small group brainstorming, videos, and even a full class of health-themed dodgeball – definitely our most memorable lesson.  It is never a dull moment at Molly Brant, and we are really looking forward to our time in the classroom in the new year. We are kicking thing off with a lesson centred on values and goal-setting, and hope to cover topics such as mental health, healthy relationships, and contraceptives this term. We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to teach in this lively classroom each week, and collaborate with our wonderful teacher, Ms. Parsons.

Thanks again Molly Brant 7/8’s and Ms. Parsons, we’ll see you next week!