QECVI School To Community

Hey everybody!

Our names are Sam and Lizzy and we teach in the School-to-Community program at QECVI in Kingston. This group of students are at the ages of 14-19 and are a spectacular bunch.

We have been in the classroom since October of 2015 and our lessons have been filled with discussions and activities geared towards health. This group of kids love to give their own experiences on the topics that we teach and always love to give their own opinion.

Usually our lessons contain videos and other fun activities to engage the students and give them an alternate way to learn the topic at hand. So far this year we have discussed nutrition, healthy relationships and consent, and social media safety. In the new year we taught anatomy of the human body, contraceptives, sexually transmitted infections, and now we are about to discuss drugs and alcohol with the couple weeks we have left together. At the end of each lesson we offer the students to write questions to put into our question box. This is always so great because the students have the chance to ask questions anonymously which we can then come back the following week and answer them as a whole class together.

This class is so awesome and we love going to teach every week. We are also looking forward to our Outreach Day where we are having a pizza dance party in the classroom! A big special thank you goes to Sharon and Beth for letting us come in every week and teach in the classroom!!