We are Warren and Ryan and we are teaching at Limestone continuing education. The class that we teach at has a unique open concept environment that serves to provide a comfortable atmosphere for the 15 students. We have been really lucky to be working with such keen students, and we hope that we have contributed to the positive environment.

         Our main objective throughout the year has been to provide the students with the knowledge to maintain their physical health in a fun and engaging manner. The topics that we have covered so far within physical health include nutrition, hygiene, physical activity, and stress management. Throughout our lessons, we have always tried to get the students to come up with their own questions on the material in order to increase their interest in the subjects and to get them to think critically about the information presented. In particular, we gave the students an Iron Chef Challenge. The goal was to creatively plan a balanced meal around a list of random ingredients and we had a great time discussing the different meals that everyone came up with. Another highlight would be when we took over the school’s gym to play some intense games of basketball during our physical activity unit.

       Although our time together is coming to an end soon, we look forward to our outreach event with the students at Limestone. The plan is to cook a well-balanced, nutritious meal that allows all the students to get some hands on experience with some cooking techniques.

       It has been amazing to see how much the students absorb every time we visit. The attention and respect given to us by the students has definitely been the most rewarding part of the experience.


Warren and Ryan

Hello! We are Rhian and Ryan,

We teach the grade 6/7 split class at Frontenac Public School!
Our class at Frontenac is filled with high-energy kids who love to be active.

Throughout the past months that we have been teaching, we have incorporated fun activities into every lesson. These activities allow the students to engage in the material a creative way while also allowing us to gauge how much information the students retained. Their favorite games throughout the year have been drug bingo and jeopardy! Throughout the past months, we have covered a variety of health related topics. We started out by teaching the students about basic nutrition and health and have since moved into peer pressure, cyber bullying and healthy decision-making. In our last few weeks we are wrapping up our puberty unit and are planning on having a master jeopardy game of all the material we have covered so far for our last class with the students. Although our time at Frontenac is coming to an end, we still have so much to look forward to. Next week we are taking our class as well as the 7/8 split class to The Boiler Room for some rock wall climbing fun! Everyone on QHO is so excited for this, and so are the students. It will be a great way to end a fantastic year with the students. Ryan and I have had such a rewarding experience at Frontenac. We feel like the students have learned a lot through our lessons and in return we have learned so much from them! It will be sad to say goodbye in a couple weeks, but we hope to visit again!

Ta ta for now,
Rhian & Ryan